2021 Solo Travel to Europe Birthday Getaway

My First Trip to Poland

Each year between May & June, I begin planning my birthday getaway (retreat). This year despite Covid-19 and its variant still lingering, there were more travel options than 2020. I considered going east to Nantucket Island, but the place where I stayed last time closed. I then considered finding a vacation spot along the Maine coast, but I couldn’t find accommodations that fit me. And then I considered going up north to Holland, Michigan or maybe travel to Colorado or Washington states but all these options fell through. And then an email arrived in June offering me the opportunity to be an English Mentor for a Summer program in Poland.

Of course, the travel bug in me excitedly began researching travel costs and miraculously everything came together. The timing was perfect, I had enough vacation and bankable holiday hours that I could participate in the week-long English Immersion program happening the week of my birthday. Food and lodging were my compensation during the program. My only travel cost was airfare to and from Kraków, Poland and my hotel stays before and after the week-long program. At the time, it was cheaper for me to travel overseas than vacation in the USA.

In addition, when I checked the CDC website Travel Notices, Poland’s travel advisory was Level 1. But the final deciding factor was when my tax refund electronically arrived on the day that I decided to purchase my airfare. There was no need to use a credit card to pay for it.

I knew things could still change worldwide. So, I didn’t openly share my upcoming trip outside my family. Instead, I trusted in the Lord God. If it is His will that I travel to Poland, then He will allow for me to do so. Now that I’m back, I’m rejoicing in the experience and happy to share with you my latest travel adventure in the midst of a pandemic.

As my travel date approached, I noticed that my flights only allowed one (1) hand carry and one (1) personal item for free. Anything more would be checked-in baggage. I decided to pack my carry-on with clothes and shoes. While my Eddie Bauer backpack contained my travel documents, food, travel pillow, overnight change of clothes, day bag, electronic devices, toiletries, sanitizing wipes, and masks. I placed around my neck a travel fan and a lanyard that I used to attach hand sanitizer and Britta water bottle for quick access.

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