Enjoying Life in Boston

When I first moved to Boston, Massachusetts I rented a room in Brookline, one of the neighborhoods that boarder Fenway Park. While it was only a fifteen minute walk, I never once saw a Red Sox game in Fenway. But I watched the Boston Red Sox break “the 86-year curse” on TV when they won the 2004 World Series. That same year the Patriots won their 2nd Super Bowl. Beantown Boston was never the same. I was never a sports fan until I moved to New England.

Before I became a sports fan, I moved around the Boston neighborhoods and also lived a few years in New Hampshire. The mountains, beaches, live out-door theatre and concerts all over the city, biking, walking, shopping, dining, dancing, and Boston Harbor cruises were activities I enjoyed in the Summer with my friends.

In the Fall, I loved sitting at home by my fireplace stove enjoying the fact that I can stay at home because I lived at the center of everything. I can walk to Boston Symphony Hall, Huntington Theatre, Prudential Center and Skywalk, Copley Place, Newbury Street, the Esplanade and mingle with the crowd whenever I wanted because it was easily accessible, or stay indoors and not miss a beat.

When Winter came, I looked forward to the first Nor’easter and put on my snow boots the day after the storm so that I can walk around my neighborhood and enjoy the sight of fresh powdery snow all over the city. The snow covered brown-stones around the neighborhood were beautiful to see and the crisp wintry air made the whole city feel cozy.

On a wintry sunny day, I usually walk to Boylston Street to get me to downtown, if it’s not below twenty degrees. Along the way, I’d walk through the Public Gardens and then get to Boston Commons and eventually arrive at Park Street Church. From there, I’d walk to Government Center that leads me to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. I’m hungry after thirty minutes of walking, so I get something to eat or drink at Quincy Market, and then window-shop or linger and find a good spot to people watch.

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market reminded me of Covent Garden in London, which is why I decided to go to grad school and live in New England. Boston made me feel like I was in a European city and since I couldn’t live in Europe, living in Boston was the next best thing. I loved the years that I worked, lived, and played in the City of Boston. There was always a plethora of activities to choose from all-year round. It was a great place for me as as a young adult to do whatever and be whatever I wanted to be.

The picture was taken after dinner on a rooftop in the South End in July 2018. I was visiting a dear friend after recording my first Christmas album. It was nice to be back in my old neighborhood.

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