Europe in 9 days – 8 cities in 5 countries

It’s November in the mid-west and we had record breaking 4-6 inches of snow a week before Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading and liking my last blog “Enjoying Life in Boston.” You’ve encouraged and inspired me to blog about my Solo European Adventure in June 2018.

For my birthday last year, I decided to gift myself with a trip to Europe. So, in January 2018, I began reading and researching where, when, and how. By May 14th, I finished booking my plane, train, bus tickets and lodging. Then I bought my carry-on luggage, day pack, picked out shoes & clothing, and bought my emergency kit, then printed all my tickets on May 30th. I was ready to board my WOW Air flight to London via Keflavik, Iceland.

My summer adventure began with an overnight flight to Keflavik airport. After a two-hour layover, I boarded my connecting flight from Keflavik to Standsted Airport. Once I arrived in Standsted and cleared customs, I found my National Express bus ride to Central London.

This was my (proposed) whirl-wind travel itinerary:

  • Day 1 – London, England
  • Day 2 – Paris, France
  • Day 3 – Florence, Italy
  • Day 4 – Milan, Italy
  • Day 5 – Venice, Italy
  • Day 6 – Vienna, Austria
  • Day 7 – Salzburg, Austria
  • Day 8 – Paris, France
  • Day 9 – London, England
  • Day 10 – Reykjavik, Iceland

This is just a preview. I’m creating a series of blogs about my Solo European adventure that will go into detail on how closely I followed (or not followed) my whirl-wind itinerary through Europe.

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