Exploring Kraków

Part 2 of My First Trip to Poland (during Covid-19)

Day 1, I slept well and woke up the following day Sat, Aug. 21st feeling good. After breakfast, my goal was to find the meeting place – 18 Pawia, where I get on a bus with other English Mentors. Here are the pictures I snapped along the way to the meeting place.

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Once I passed through Kraków’s Main Square – Rynek Glowny, I walked along Florianska street and enjoyed passing the shops and cafes along the way towards the Florian Gate and the Barbican. I went through and around the Barbican and found Plac Matejki, and then I finally arrived at 18 Pawia, which is across from Galeria Krakowska. This Galeria looks like a typical Galleria Mall in the mid-western states of America, but it is also the location of the main train station Krakow Glowny.

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It was lunch time when I arrived at Krakow Glowny. I lingered awhile and wandered a bit trying to find the train platform to the airport. My shuttle driver told me the fastest way to get to the airport and avoid traffic was taking the train.

Instead of getting lunch at Galeria Krakowska, I decided to walk back to the hotel to rest and get a snack before I continue my self-guided walking tour of Kraków in the afternoon. Along the way, I found the 19th-century Eclectic theatre-opera house Juliusz Słowacki Theatre. I learned from my on-line research that this was “the first building in Kraków designed for and equipped with electric light.”

Read more about my trip:

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